Sunday, April 10, 2011

Product Review: Milani Lip Flash in FLASHY

Must be something in the air, but I'm so drawn to brights right now!  I was at the drugstore today when I spotted Milani's Lip Flash, a chubby lipgloss pencil.  It's advertised as super-high pigmented, lightweight, non-sticky, shiny, and anti-feathering...all characteristics of a great gloss in the convenient form of a pencil. Sounded good to me, but what really got me was the ultra-bright colors.  As soon as I laid eyes on Flashy, a shimmery, hot pink shade with blue undertones, I was sold.

Upon application, I was very impressed.  The pencil glides on smoothly, and easily.  As advertised, the formula is very lightweight and non-sticky.  It's not as shiny as a true liquid gloss, but that problem is easily rectified by simply applying gloss over the Lip Flash.  In fact, sometimes I prefer a shimmery luster over a vinyl-like gloss, which makes this product more versatile.  I really love that it comes in pencil-form.  It makes application quick, easy, precise, and, most of all, fun!  For me, Lip Flash's best quality is the pigmentation.  WARNING!  This is truly high-impact staring-at-the-sun intense.  My reaction from the first stroke was: "Wow, this must be pure pigment!"

However bright it looks in photographs, the color is 10x more extreme in person.  I think my husband was slightly shocked when I emerged from the bathroom, ready for our dinner date.  To tell you the truth, the color was so intense that I was a little scared to go out in public, but we ended up going out anyway.  Here was my complete look for the evening:

Before going out, I consulted my nearest and dearest regarding my daring new look.  I think the overall consensus was that the fuchsia shadow accent was a little overkill along with the strong lip, so next time I'll just do a monochromatic black smokey eye.  Still lots of fun though, I just love color!

Oh, and FYI, even after dinner and dessert, the color still held strong with no feathering, so Lip Flash definitely gets the two thumbs up from me.  At about $6.99 a pop, you can't lose.  Also, at CVS right now, they're having a "buy one get one half off" promotion for Milani Cosmetics.  Lip Flash comes in varying shades of intense red, pink, and that's a win/win for sure!


  1. Ooooh speaking of pink lip colors, Mac's new "Quite Cute" line has a matte lipstick called Candy Yum Yum. I don't know if you'd be interested, but maybe you can look into it. I've seen it on someone (Youtube and it really does look awesome and fun.

  2. It's funny that you should say that! I was in a MAC store just before I bought this lip pencil and the reason why I purchased it was because MAC was sold out of their bright pink lipsticks. I was looking at Girl About Town and Candy Yum Yum...both sold out!