Monday, December 9, 2013

Bossy Boots by Butter London

Hey all! Miss me? Yeah, so sorry. I know, I'm forever apologizing for being absent. I noticed that I was a *much* more consistent blogger when I wasn't in school. ^_^; Oh, well. What's a girl to do? All I can say is that I think about Style By Cat all the time…when I'm trying out some new product, or get a new pair of shoes, or discover some fantastic fashion find. I just can't find the time. T_T

Good news! I'm in finals week right now, which means, by next week, I'll finally have some room to blog a bit more! Yay! I just thought I'd kick things off with a little review of one of my favorite new nail polishes: Bossy Boots by Butter London!

Yeah, I know. It says "Butt" London due to poor placement. Lol.

I first came across this color several months ago when I got a salon mani pedi. It was so unusual. I wasn't sure if I even liked it, but gravitated toward it for some reason. Even my manicurist thought it was weird. But once I got my tips and toes polished, we were like, "Whoa, that actually looks kinda nice!". I received compliments and inquiries about it while I was out and about, and, once it started chipping, I knew I had to buy myself a bottle.

I'd describe it as a creamy, pastel, green tea shade. It's very opaque, I almost didn't have to do 2 coats, and applies very smoothly and evenly. It's slightly warm, which I find compliments my skin tone quite nicely. I really like it because, while it's unique, it's not an over-the-top shade, making it striking, yet very wearable.

Anyways, I really miss you guys. I miss blogging. I dunno. Am I changing the world, am I making a difference, am I doing anything revolutionary? No, not really. It's just fun, it's expressive and meditative for me. I find it satisfying to be able to communicate my thoughts and share my little joys with my readers. I can't wait until Wednesday is over! (my last final for the year) Then I'm free to come back and blab on and on about whatever! XD

*BIG* hugs,

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