Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Product Review: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Candy, Baby

Now that summer's around the corner and we'll soon be able to stroll about town in bare arms and legs, it's time to break out my favorite scent for the season: Candy, Baby by Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush.  Nearly nothing floats my boat like the sweet, carefree fragrance of cotton candy, and VS has got this scent down to a tee with Candy, Baby.  My favorite product from the fragrance collection is the body spray, followed by the body lotion:

The body spray is a double-layered fragrance and moisturizing spray that you have to shake up before spritzing.    It smells heavenly, not too strong, yet long lasting enough where I still get faint whiffs of it when I wake up the next morning.  For all you lucky gals out there that have soft, spongy skin with no need for heavy lotions and moisturizers, this is a fantastic alternative to keep your skin smooth and supple while maintaining a weightless, naked feel.

Unfortunately, I have super-dry skin that's comparable to a desert wasteland, so body lotion is a permanent part of my daily beauty regimen.  My favorite way to keep myself sweet-smelling of cotton candy is to moisturize immediately after I step out of the shower with the Candy, Baby body lotion.  This is a very important step for those of you out there with dry skin like me.  Your skin is full of healthy moisture when you get out of the shower, so when you apply lotion at this time, it acts like a force field that seals all that moisture in for the rest of the day.

After applying lotion, I shake up my body spray and spritz myself from head to toe.  Sometimes I'll spritz a little onto my clothes and hair before I leave the house as well, just to make sure that yummy scent really stays put.

The Beauty Rush collection runs about $12 per product or 3/$25.  The pricing isn't bad and a bottle of the spray lasted me all last summer.  The lotion lasted awhile too, although I used it mostly for hands and arms.  I found that it wasn't *quite* moisturizing enough for my overly-dry skin.  In general, I need the not-so-fun heavy duty stuff, like Eucerin, which doesn't come in tasty fragrances.  That's a whole 'nother story though.