Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Product Review: Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara in Indigo

So a few months ago, I was browsing the Urban Decay website looking for deals and sales.  They were doing this free shipping thing and were having a product clearance, so I was like, yay!  I was thrilled when discovered their Big Fatty Mascara in a shade called Indigo.  I've always been curious about trying out colored mascaras.  Normally a $20 value, I jumped at the chance to purchase a tube for the clearance price of $6.

Well, there was a reason it was on clearance.  First of all, the color isn't even really indigo.  For those of us that are familiar with the colors of a rainbow, indigo is supposed to be deep shade of blue-violet.  This was more of a medium blue shade with some lilac tones.  I was expecting something more in the navy-purple range.

Second, the applicator brush really sucked.  The bristles were too dense, so I couldn't evenly coat my lashes.  Also, the formula was on the dry side which made it difficult to apply.  In addition to being dry, the formula was also thick and heavy, weighing down my lashes and eliminating my curl while not delivering enough color.  Does that make sense?

pardon the poor lighting
I found that the color was too subtle and you can only see a hint of it on the tips.  Didn't make my lashes look longer and thicker either.  Most products that I review are pretty great, but in this case, I did not get any bang for my buck.  I wish I would have known enough to skip this one and save $6.

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