Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fuchsia Flash by Maybelline

So Urban Decay is heavily marketing their new line of Revolution Lipsticks. I LOVE lipstick and I totally fell in love with a bright fuchsia shade called Anarchy.

Those of you who know me probably aren't surprised, lol. Unfortunately, the $22 USD price tag is a little steep for me. Even MAC lippies average about $15, so I found it hard to justify paying so much for a single tube of lipstick. I decided to go on a little internet quest to find a suitable dupe and came across Temptalia's review of Urban Decay's Anarchy which lead me to Maybelline ColorSensational Vivid lipstick in Fuchsia Flash. 

I was sold due to the favorable review and comparison so I picked up a tube at my local drugstore.

I couldn't wait to try it! The color is vibrant and pigmented with a subtle, glossy sheen while the formula is slick and lightly moisturizing. I think it's such a fun, bold shade, while being surprisingly wearable. I was initially worried that the cool hues would clash with my warm, yellow undertones. However, I think it works on me rather nicely. I found that it looks best on me paired with a thick stroke of black cat eye liner and lightly flushed cheeks.

I'm compelled to purchase more shades from Maybelline's Vivid's lip color collection now! I strongly feel that I'm getting high-end quality product for a drugstore price. I can't wait to explore more colors! :)



  1. I have the color Vivid Rose and it's the most beautiful lipstick color I've ever had! I also bought Shocking Coral, but unfortunately, it doesn't look good at all with my skin tone. I love how it's long wearing and not too drying! I think they smell good too!

    1. I agree! I'm glad you've had the chance to try this collection. I hope you've been having a blast wearing Vivid Rose! :)