Monday, May 21, 2012

Haul: Lash Lust

I took another trip to San Francisco's Japantown recently and came back with a bunch of super-pretty lashes! (of course, what else is new?)  Lol, anyways, I thought I'd share some new lash styles that I discovered and can't wait to try out! :D

I'm really excited about these "natural" style lashes with clear lash bands.  I can't wait to see how they look on!

These are new to me...bottom lashes.  They look pretty intense, I hope I'll be able to pull them off!

And of course I love my glitters!

Oh, and look what else!  An eyelash case!  What a great idea, right?  I hate it when I lose my lashes after just one wear...usually because, following occasions where I apply false lashes, I'm a little tipsy (oh, but don't worry, husband is always DD, lol) and my first inclination is to wash up and collapse into bed.  This pretty little case holds up to 4 pairs!  I'm looking forward to being able to organize my lashes and increase their longevity!

Well, that's all I got for tonight!  Hope you guys had fun checking out my new lash stash and have a great Monday night!



  1. Love the lash case! I have so many pairs and really wanna wear them but I can not for the life of me get them to stay on without popping up in the corners! Any suggestions Cat?? Thanks!

    1. Hi Excella! Isn't the case handy? :D To answer your question, I use Duo Eyelash Glue, it seems to be the stickiest, although sometimes it's not fun to remove. I put a thin layer on the lash band, wait about 10-15 seconds for it to get tacky, then I apply. This seems to work for me, although I still occasionally experience the loss of adherence in the inner corners. To remedy that, I carry a tube of eyelash glue with me when I'm wearing falsies out along with a toothpick for application so that I can touch up on the inner corners. Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks I ll have to try that! What would you say the best way to get the glue off is?

    3. Yes, I hope it works out for you. :) I use L'Oreal Clean Artiste eye makeup remover, it's in a green bottle. Although eyelash glue, in general, is difficult to remove even with makeup remover. :(

  2. You can share those lashes with me :D
    they look pretty :D

    I have never had a pair of lashes :O

    1. Haha, I'm so addicted to lashes! (although I seldom wear them because they're impractical for work and school, haha!) You should try them, they're a great way to instantly glam your look! :D