Monday, April 9, 2012

YesStyle Fleece and Dior Romantique

It's been awhile, but there was no rain this weekend and my favorite photographer had some time off so we were able to complete a style shoot!

Outfit Details

Dress: YesStyle
Sunglasses: Sunglass Warehouse
Belt: googled
Bag: Dior
Boots: Zappos

I like shopping YesStyle because I enjoy Asian-inspired fashion, a lot of these styles come from Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.  They kind of stand out among the American fashion that I'm so accustomed to and, sometimes, I like looking a little unique. :)  This was a really great dress because it came with accessories as well!  A cozy, fleece, hanky-hemmed dress, a tulle underskirt, and brushed fleece tights!  The bow belt was my own, however.  I found it for $7 on some random site I googled online.

I'm going to have to gush about these tights!  They're the most amazing thing since sliced bread!  I only wish I discovered them earlier.  They're very opaque with a warm, plush interior all while keeping your legs slim-looking.  My gams are just as toasty in the cold weather wearing these tights as they are when I am wearing pants.  In fact, on very cold days, I wear them INSIDE my jeans.  I was so excited when I received these that I ordered 3 more pairs in different colors!

Somewhere along the way, Daisy decided to participate in the shoot, as she sometimes does, lol.  As you can see, she's happy, healthy, and doing just fine! :D  In fact, she's been getting herself into all sorts of mischief lately!

This is an oldie but goodie!  I love the cutesy bags that Dior used to make years ago.  I don't know if any of you remember the Girly and the Romantique collections.  Super sugary-sweet stuff!  Their bags are still nice, but are more sophisticated now, and much more expensive...I suppose that's to be expected with the kind of clientele that can afford their merchandise these days.

I'm a huge fan of knee-high boots.  They're sexy, in a way.  But even better, these are super-comfy!  I can wear them for miles.  I especially like the button details.  They give the entire look a slight military feel.

I felt like accenting the outfit with a bow belt, but even without the belt, the dress has a really cute detail in the back: corset-style laces!  Reminds me of the medieval or renaissance era, but with a modern twist!

Anyways, I know this post was a little photo-heavy, but I really wanted to share all the details with you all.  Hope you enjoyed and have a great rest of your Monday! :D



  1. I love EVERYTHING about your look! It' so cute and elegant and feminine! And Daisy is so lovely!

    1. Aw, thanks Jennifer! I love my dressy and my Daisy! :D

  2. You look so cute and classy! Glad to hear that Daisy is doing good :)

  3. Cat I've just seen this post. You look lovely (as always)! You don't happen to remember what lipstick your were wearing that day do you, it's really pretty xx

    1. Hey Cerys! It's Girl About Town by MAC. :)

    2. I had a funny feeling it was. I've been lusting after it for a while and your photos have made me want to get it even more.