Saturday, April 14, 2012

April MyGlam!

Hey, guess what I got in the mail yesterday? :D

So this month's bag is "Girls Night Out" themed.  I must say, it's probably the most fun edition I've received so far!

In addition to the snazzy metallic pink makeup bag, I also got a generous sample-sized 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil from Urban Decay in Ransom:

Uniquely shaped falsies from a Japanese brand called All-Belle:

What appears to be a lip-plumping balm from Dermstore:

And two pink MyGlam makeup brushes, an angled eyeliner/eyebrow brush and a small fluffy eyeshadow brush which are soft and decent in quality:

At a glance, I'm pretty happy with April's bag.  I'm well overdue for a Girls Night Out, and this was a fantastic reminder!  I can't wait to give each item a try and will definitely update you guys with a thorough review real soon!  Hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far!



  1. Wow! All the items from this bag looks so cool!!! I really regret not being subscribed... :(

    1. Yeah, this one is a fun one! Hopefully subsequent bags will be just as exciting! At the same time, though, you're lucky you missed some of the not-so-great bags, so don't feel too disappointed. :)