Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Review

Hey guys, remember these?

I finally got a chance to test and review all 3 colors.  Sorry it's taken me so long!  It's just that I had to test each color on different days so that I could give you the lowdown on product performance and longevity.  Anywho, I did just a simple color wash with each color and wore them for approximately 15+ hours.

Bold Gold:

Tenacious Teal:

Bad To The Bronze:

All colors were extremely lightweight, comfortable, and didn't fade or crease throughout duration of wear.  I like them because they're such a quick, easy way to do eye makeup, no brushes necessary...perfect if you're in a pinch!

I found that Bad To The Bronze is probably the most neutral, wearable, every day color.  Bold Gold is pretty, a little on the sheer side, but buildable, though not as opaque as the other colors.  Tenacious Teal gives a lot of effortless pop!

I'd like to get a few more...maybe Pomegranate Punk and Fierce & Tangy?  In any case I'm looking forward to incorporating the ones I already own into overall looks for future posts! :D



  1. Great review! You've got me interested in trying these- they look great on you! :D Thanks!!