Monday, February 6, 2012

Greedy Couple Buys Entire Jason Wu Stock!

OMG!  Just saw this story on The Huffington Post.  A greedy couple from Miami run into their local Target and purchase nearly the ENTIRE Jason Wu inventory, leaving other customers irate and frustrated.

The so-called "vultures" are the man in the hat and the woman in the center.  Image property of ElectricBlogarella.

Apparently, they bought everything and then attempted to re-sell the items to customers in the parking lot afterward.  Good luck with that!  There's also a lot of Jason Wu for Target items listed on eBay that are ending without bids.  I hope these shameless people get stuck with a lot of unsold inventory!

For more details regarding this scandalous story, please check out ElectricBlogarella, who has a firsthand account of this unfortunate event.  (she was there)

Just thought I'd share this because it makes me really angry how some people can be so greedy, selfish, and discourteous of others for just a little money.  Target designer collaborations are supposed to make high fashion fun and accessible for those of us who aren't rich and people like this just ruin the experience for the rest of us.  The worst part is, even though the local Target tried to stop this, corporate Target chose not intervene and allowed them to get away without consequence.  In the end, it's only the $$$$ that matters to them.  I guess this makes the company no better than these "thieves", willing to trade their integrity for a dollar.



  1. Sadly, there's no actual law against it... Unless it's something about authorized seller or something... They could get arrested in the parking lot because they're still on the "territory" of Target.

    I hate people like this too... They need to get a life or something. -_- Or simply work like everybody else!!!

  2. I can't blame them for flipping for profit but it's disgusting that the woman was smirking while paying knowing that there were several people who wanted to buy.

    They actually ID'd the guy and his girlfriend and people are definitely ripping them new ones. Hopefully they end up returning a bulk of the items since the sales on ebay seems to be turning into little to no profit.

  3. I have no respect for people that do stuff like that. I'm sure corporate could have done something since whenever they have sales like black Friday, they limit a certain amount per customer. Thats just total bs. If I wanted to pay top dollar for a designer brand, I'd go to a high end department store rather buy off greedy folks like them. Same thing goes with makeup, you see that all the time on eBay

  4. omg the nerve, those people are so annoying

  5. Grrrrrrr! I just can't stand inconsiderate people! The collection is barely selling at all on eBay. I'll bet they're stuck with the approx. $7000 in merchandise that they spent. That's karma for you!