Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  I totally miss you guys!  I'll bet most of you have forgotten about me by now.  *sniff sniff*  The new school quarter has proven to be more grueling than I had expected.  I'm in class from 8:40am until 6pm!  No time for hair, style, or makeup...  Boo!  That and with jewelry orders pouring in, I don't have time for anything these days!  Well, the good news is I was able to do a cute style shoot on campus at my university over the weekend, so I'll have those up by tomorrow.  In the meantime, all I've got to offer is little things here and there about what's going on in my life right now.  Anyhoo...husband was away for most of last week working on a clothing shoot in Los Angeles.

To make up for his absence, we had a really nice date weekend!  After I picked him up from the airport, we had a meal, went for a couples massage, and rented two dvds, Pollack and 50/50. (great films, btw)  We spent the next day at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art checking out works by some of my favorite artists that I've learned about in my art history classes.  It gave me chills looking at some of those amazing pieces, knowing that these people once lived and created them with their very own hands!  Do any of you art buffs recognize some of these?

After three hours of wandering around the museum, we got hungry and decided to try a famous Italian seafood restaurant in San Francisco called Sotto Mare.  Prior to our visit, I had never been to Sotto Mare, but they do boast about having the most delicious cioppino in the SF Bay Area.  And you know, they're quite right!  They also serve up the freshest oysters and some wonderful clam chowder as well!

We topped off the evening by visiting Z Cioccolato, a renown sweet shop in the North Beach district of SF, famous for their barrels and barrels of taffy!


So sweet! (literally and figuratively) After buying a bagful of candy, they sent us home with complimentary, fresh-popped caramel corn!  Yum!

I definitely enjoyed my deliciously lovely weekend...so much so that adventures like these should exist on a monthly basis!  Lol.

Anyways, for those of you who are still around, thanks for reading!  I look forward to sharing the style shoot with you all tomorrow!  Sweet dreams and good night! :D



  1. Omg, that caramel popcorn looks so good... All we have here is Kernels' popcorn and it's like 8$ a bag... Quite expensive. :(

    1. Wow! That is expensive! I don't know if you've tried homemade caramel corn, but I hear it's easy, tasty, and probably a lot more affordable! :)